Review: Sun and Moon by Lindsey Yankey


Hardcover, 32 pages
Published February 20th 2015 by Simply Read Books
Source: Publisher

Sun and Moon by Lindsey Yankee is a gentle tale about the Moon who wants to trade places with the Sun because he (the book genders the Moon (funnily enough) as a he) thinks the Sun gets to see more wondrous sights during the day than he ever will during the night.Sun (who is not given a gender) agrees but only if Moon spends “an entire night night in the sky looking very closely at the earth–closer than you ever have before.”

The Moon agrees and that night, he looks and looks and to his immense surprise finds that there is a lot more to see during the night than he had ever thought before. The sights he sees are wondrous: carnivals lit up with fairy lights, people catching fireflies, and nocturnal animals on the ground. The Moon realizes the value of the night and no longer desires to trade places.

The moral is obvious here though the book is not at all didactic in tone. The language used is a bit  sombre and could have done with a bit more vivacity. However, the art more than makes up for the quietness of the prose, bringing the story to life with bright colours that will delight both children and adults. The sights that the Moon sees and the sights that he thinks the Sun sees daily are drawn so very beautifully that I almost wished this were a wordless picturebook. Here are some samples:




The picturebook is a visual feast for connoisseurs but for those looking for another reason to splurge on this book, the gentle moral in the story should suffice. The moon takes a second look at all he has and finds value where previously he had seen none. I recommend this both for libraries to lend to their patrons and for parents to share with their children.