Snapshots: Owls See Clearly At Night: A Michif Alphabet by Julie Flett


Hardcover, 56 pages
Published September 7th 2010 by Simply Read Books
Source: Publisher

Michif (also Mitchif, Mechif, Michif-Cree, Métif, Métchif, French Cree) is the language of the Métis people of Canada and the United States, who are the descendants of First Nations women (mainly Cree, Nakota and Ojibwe) and fur trade workers of European ancestry (mainly French Canadians and Scottish Canadians). (source)

In the introduction, Flett writes:

Languages are precious; they capture the very essence of a culture. The exceptional night-sight of owls is akin to the insight that language offers in understanding a culture.

Owls See Clearly at Night is Julie Flett’s attempt to ensure that her language doesn’t die and disappear. This volume contains the Michif alphabet with beautiful art accompanying each letter. The art always contains a surprise and withstands repeated perusals. The book is precious for more than what it seeks to achieve though that, too, is important; the book is a work of art and its pages resound with images from the Canadian landscape. Strongly recommended.

Owls See Clearly at Night a Michif Alphabet