Pulp Literature’s Something Novel

Pulp Literature, the BC-based* quarterly magazine (motto: “good books for the price of a beer”) is currently half way through a kickstarter campaign to print two of their ongoing stories, Allaigna’s Song: Overture, and Fairmount Manor Mysteries, in novel form.

What is Pulp Literature?

Pulp Lit is a quarterly magazine created by Jen Landels, Mel Anastasiou, and Sue Pieters. Among other feathers in their caps are the jaunty colours of the writer, editor, and the teacher-librarian. Pulp Literature comprises of short stories, poems, graphic novels, shorter comics, and serialized novels from established and little-known (or unknown) authors, in a variety of genres. Horror, fantasy, mystery, post-apocalyptic survival – they’re all there. Pulp Literature’s official website can be found here.

Wait, how have I possibly missed something this awesome? 

You mean you were *gasp* not following The Book Wars three years ago when our review of the first and third issues were posted? I don’t know. Time flies when you’re having fun reading. Pulp Literature has been around and popular for three years. In fact, it was reader demand that persuaded Jen, Mel, and Sue to start this kickstarter.

So what is this kickstarter?

I’m glad you’ve asked! The Something Novel kickstarter is running for two more weeks. The kickstarter goals are to print:

for the first time the full text of Allaigna’s Song: Overture in trade paperback format, with maps, updated illustrations, and new material.


A beautiful omnibus edition of Stella Ryman and the Fairmount Manor Mysteries, with the first five puzzles in the order they were meant to be read, including new illustrations and extra pages.

Also of interest and following much the same timeline as Something Novel is Pulp Literature’s new submissions call:

We want stories by and about humans of all shapes and sizes: feminist, LGBTQIA, People of Colour, Métis, First Nations, [people with disabilities] … any and all segments of the population historically lacking representation in the mainstream.

Submissions are open November 15-30, 2016.

*Canadian Content, yeah!