Top Ten Tuesday: Reading Resolutions


  1. To read more First Nations literature! Expect to see at least one post from me about an Indigenous-authored and/or -illustrated book each month during 2017. (To be quite honest, though, this still feels like too small an effort — only 12 books in a whole year — even if it is a quarter of my total posts. Solutions and suggestions?)
  2. To find really awesome diverse books before my friends do. It is all too easy to let Yash and Nafiza to do the work of combing through the hundreds of new titles released each year in order to find stellar diverse books instead of finding authors and titles on my own. I want to be able to return the favour.
  3. To read more poetry. How about reading at least one collection of poetry per month? (Don’t expect posts, though.)


  1. To read slower and appreciate the books I read in more depth.
  2. Like Janet, I want to read more First Nations literature.
  3. To read more poetry.
  4. To read more books written by #ownvoices authors.
  5. To read more books that tackle important issues.


  1. Keep track of the authors I’m picking up.
  2. Try to keep the number of authors of colour at 80% or higher.
  3. But what about other kinds of diversity, you cry? Well, intersectionality happens.
  4. Read more non-fiction, especially histories and biographies.
  5. Use everything I read as fuel for writing–which means reading at a slower pace and let the words play in my head for longer than usual.