Is That Wise, Pig?

Jan Thomas gets kids. Like, really, really gets kids. Her books are, by and large, some of the absolute best story time books I’ve ever encountered. The illustrations are absolute perfection, with simple shapes, bright colours and bold black outlines, making them ideal for sharing with a large audience. The text is brief and typically hysterical, following the classic comedy formula of a wacky, over the top character paired with a straight-man character that the audience can relate to.

In Is That Wise, Pig?, Cow and Pig help Mouse make soup. While Cow and Pig add conventional ingredients to the pot, Pig comes up with some rather…unusual additions! With each suggestion, Cow asks,“Is that wise, Pig?” After the soup has been prepared, though, the arrival of some very messy guests reveals that Pig’s contributions may have been wise after all!

Is That Wise, Pig? is a delightful choice for a story time or circle time – it’s got just the right balance of sweetness and ridiculousness to appeal to kids and grownups alike. The limited text and fast pace suit my wiggly preschoolers, and the humour is perfectly levelled and appropriate. It’s also just heaps of fun to read aloud! Highly, highly recommended.