The Bus Ride

The Bus Ride

Clara is excited to be taking the bus by herself for the very first time. Along the way to grandmother’s house she encounters a cast of interesting fellow passengers who turn a simple bus ride into a colourful adventure.

This picture book from Quebec author/illustrator Marianne Dubuc is absolutely charming. The text itself is fairly simple, and the book would probably work just as well as a wordless picture book.

Dubuc’s illustrations that really steal the show here, and which make up the heart and soul of The Bus Ride. As I read, I poured over each page, savouring tiny details on each spread, turning pages back and forth to catch each change and development. Dubuc’s colours are soft and muted, and the illustrations look as though they were drawn in pencil crayon, adding to their gentle charm.

This would be a fantastic picture book to share with a class –  the illustrations lend themselves beautifully to interpretation, and it would be delightful to see the different stories that children come up with to describe the images.

The Bus Ride is certainly lovelier than any bus ride I’ve ever taken, and would be a wonderful Canadian addition to any picture book collection.