Top Ten Tuesday: On Our Wishlist

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature from The Broke and the Bookish and this week we are making a list of the kinds of books we would like to see published. Like a manuscript wish-list, but uh, for readers not agents?



Oh boy, where do I even start?!? Here are just a few gaps that I’ve noticed in my collections, and would love to see filled.

  1. Picture books with disabled protagonists that aren’t about living with a disability.
  2. More middle grade fiction with trans boy protagonists, particularly adventure / fantasy / mystery stories.
  3. Positive portrayals of mental illness, especially in tween/teen fiction. Despite what popular culture might have you believe, many people with mental illness actually manage to live healthy, successful lives!
  4. Body-positivity! More middle grade fiction with positive body image messages, for both girls and boys.
  5. Sex-positive informational nonfiction for tweens, especially queer or gender-nonconforming tweens, who struggle to find honest, reliable, sex-positive information.
  6. YA featuring bisexual and pansexual characters!
  7. Positive, fluffy, romantic queer fiction for tweens/teens. Being queer isn’t just about coming out or having your heart broken – it can be about sweet romance, too!
  8. Adventure / fantasy novels featuring disabled protagonists. Guess what, publishers – having different abilities doesn’t make you any less of a bad-ass or hero!
  9. Romantic YA with disabled protagonists. Once again, despite what popular culture might make you think, people with disabilities flirt, fall in love, date, and have sex!


Jane covered a lot of what I was going to say, so consider her points repeated, and…

  1. YA stories in all genres (contemporary, sci-fi, fantasy) who don’t fall in love or want sex. More aro, ace, and aro-ace protagonists, please! Especially a-spec characters in relationship: hanging out with their best friends, making new friends, building nonphysical romantic relationships, figuring out queer platonic partnerships, being a great aunt/uncle/reliable adult figure…
  2. Also, I want this to be a thing for real, and also to be a book. Or several books.
  3. More POC protagonists and more protagonists who are faithful to and/or in negotiation with their religion without these necessarily being the main drama. Basically, more books like Karuna Riazi’s The Gauntlet, please!
  4. Protagonists whose physical and mental illnesses interact, because this is a thing! Protagonists with chronic pain, or chronic disabilities, or multiple chronic conditions going about their lives and maybe saving the world.
  5. Yeah. More intersectionality.
  6. Also, more food scenes. I am completely down with craving chai and mithai every time I pick up a book if it means reading those food scenes.


  1. Everything Janet and Jane said.
  2. Really, that is all.
  3. But could I also get a book set in Fiji while we’re at it?
  4. I’d appreciate that a lot.