If You Were the Moon


What happens when you blend nonfiction and poetry? If you’re acclaimed children’s book author and poet Laura Purdie Salas’, you get If You Were the Moon 


A little girl wishes that she could be just like the moon. The moon just gets to sit around doing nothing – what an easy, relaxing life the moon must have!


The moon, of course, does so much more than simply hang in the sky, and young readers are introduced to the moon’s many responsibilities through a blend of gentle verse and informational text.


It’s so much fun and so inspiring when authors blend together elements of different genres, especially when they cross genres that have traditionally been kept separate. By combining a picture book, poetry and nonfiction together, Salas creates something that can be enjoyed by children, caregivers and educators in a number of different settings. The simple poetry is perfect for sharing at bedtime, while the informational text is ideal for exploring with older children.


And in the tradition of the very best nonfiction, If You Were the Moon includes a glossary and a list of recommended reads for further study.

Sweet, fun and educational, If You Were the Moon is a lovely early informational text for curious young readers.

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