Three Chapter Books

All books were review copies provided by publisher

The Escapades of Clint McCool: Octo-Man and the Headless Monster by Jane Kelly and illustrated by Jessika von Innerebner

I did not like this one at all. The kid was annoying and the fact that no one seemed to think of punish him for his actions upset me greatly. He treats his friends badly and his mom is weary around him and he just won’t listen. Maybe kids will like this one but for me it was like yikes child, you need time out.


Bea Garcia: The Curse of Einstein’s Pencil – written and illustrated by Deborah Zemke

This was very cute. I adored the illustrations and Bea’s imagination. I reckon kids will like this one. Especially the artists.


The Kid from Planet Z wirtten by Nancy Krulik and illustrated by Louis Thomas

Again, this seems like one that will appeal to kids but to an adult, it will seem oversimplified and not very funny. I don’t know. It was okay. Possibly as an introduction to sci-fi?