Review: Sleep Tight, Farm – A Farm Prepares for Winter


Sleep Tight Farm

Hardcover, 36 pages
August 2, 2016 : Chronicle Books
Source: Library

A captivating exploration of how a family gets a farm ready for the snow of winter, Sleep Tight Farm lyrically connects each growing season to the preparations at the very end of the farm year. This beautiful and informative book paints a fascinating picture of what winter means to the farm year and to the family that shares its seasons, from spring’s new growth, summer’s heat, and fall’s bounty to winter’s well-earned rest. All year long the farm has worked to shelter us, feed us, keep us warm, and now it’s time to sleep.

Follow along with a family as they prepare their small farm for winter, working together to tuck in their crops and animals for a long winter’s nap.


Sleep Tight, Farm is a beautiful glimpse into the workings of a small family farm, and offers a lovely introduction to the world of agriculture for urban children who may have rarely actually visited a farm. Connecting young readers with the people who grow and raise their food can help them develop a greater appreciation for the work and care that goes into ensuring they have fresh, healthy food for sale on supermarket shelves.


Sleep Tight Farm is absolutely beautiful to behold, with colourful, highly detailed illustrations that encourage young readers to explore and enjoy each spread.  The text is light and rhythmic, and while it’s a bit long for my story time crowd, it would be a lovely read aloud for older children.

Gentle, lyrical, and gorgeously illustrated, Sleep Tight Farm is a beautiful celebration of a life many of us city folk might only experience through stunning picture books like this.

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