A Quick Note on Review Requests

We have had an influx of review requests in the last few weeks and I thought it was time to jot off a quick note to bring your attention to some pertinent things.

First, we thank you for considering us. We love books and we love talking about them as may be obvious. We appreciate that you think our site produces worthy content. Thank you!

Second, Stephie no longer writes for The Book Wars. Life and other responsibilities have drawn her away so we cannot send her the review requests made for her.

Third, please read our review request policy. It has changed.  For instance, Janet and Yash are no longer accepting books for review.

That’s about it. Thanks for reading The Book Wars.

The Book Wars in 2016

As the unofficial spokesperson for The Book Wars, I bring to you, our wonderful readers, a report on the things that have been done in 2015 and the things you can expect from us in 2016. I trust the content we produced in 2015 was satisfactory. Heck, I hope you loved it. We try to be fair in […]