October Fest: What To Do When You Fall In Love With A Ghost


What To Do When You Fall in Love With a Ghost

  1. First of all, don’t. Seriously. It’s not going to end happily. One of you is dead. As in past tense. As in unembodied. But if you insist on doing so–
  2. Pray. Just kidding. He/she/they is/are already dead and praying won’t bring them back to life unless they rise as vampires in which case…um…sparkle? Or zombies and in that case, I don’t know. I think kissing decaying past-people is gross and nothing you say will make me change my mind.
  3. But say you end up falling in love with someone who is see-through, you will be:
  4. Because you never know when he/she they is/are going to be present and when the smoke is from the neighbour’s bonfire and not your beloved.
  5. And to be totally honest, ever after aside, even if your beloved stays with you, the no touching thing is going to be difficult to deal with in most cases. Unless you’re in a YA novel. The couple (one half of them deceased) in the Hereafter trilogy by Tara Hudson don’t seem to have a problem smooching so I reckon your chances of a snogging session with your ghostly love are quite high if you turn into YA novel protagonists.
  6. However, the fact that you are tethering your beloved to the earthly plane is unavoidable.
  7. This may make you feel down but I’m sure your transparent honey will be willing to give you a hug.
    Though what the point of a hug that you can’t feel is befuddles me.
  8. You could endure your no-touch love until your life is over and you can both be the same species again (unless you get bitten by a wolf or turn into a vampire and become immortal).
  9. Whatever happens, good luck. You have our best wishes.