Fancasting BTS In Some Of My Fave YA Books

Look, when I wrote that post all the way in September, I thought I’d be less obsessed by December. I was wrong, though.

It happens.

Let’s not dwell on it.

For those who need to be reminded, BTS is:

  • A K-Pop band.
  • They have seven members.
  • They are ridiculously talented.
  • Their music, though categorized under “pop”, tends to go between genres.
  • They’re big in Korea, but since their Billboard award this year have been gaining a lot of attention in North America too.

Point is, some of their music videos have the members acting their little hearts out. The band also does challenges and plays games that allow them to not only connect with fans, but showcases each member’s particular charms. Basically, through every video I’ve seen of them, whether it’s an interview or a dance practice, I’ve been hoping they get cast in a movie. Maybe multiple movies.

And since I don’t have the power to make that happen, my solution is do an elaborate fancast post.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

[Note: I won’t be fancasting the members for characters that are already (non-Korean) characters of colour. We have too few characters of colour for me to pretend it’s all the same if I fancast a Korean dude in place of a Black character, etc. People of colour are not a monolith. Don’t bother suggesting any such thing in the comments, thanks.]

*ahem* Let’s begin, shall we?

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as Gavriel from The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

Look, he’s easily the goofiest member, but in a lot of photoshoots and MVs, Jin ends up looking smoulder-y and vaguely …. well, I don’t want to evil. Um, chaotic neutral, shall we say?

This particular photo of him, combined with his moments in “Run” makes me kinda want to see him as the dangerous, sweet, and dramatically unhinged Gavriel from Holly Black’s The Coldest Girl in Coldtown.

I don’t care if the entire screen adaptation is in English and Jin’s the only one speaking Korean–which everyone can magically understand–I just don’t care.

I just think he could pull it off.


as Kaz from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

I already mentioned this in my first BTS post and I know certain people/Nafizas will have different picks for Kaz, but as I’m the one writing this post, Suga’s my pick.

I don’t know how much of the “other members are scared of Suga” thing is true. I just know he has Kaz’s scheming face. Which happens to be Suga’s poker-face, tbh. He always looks like he’s planning something.

I also think Suga’s going to have a lot of fun with the scene where Kaz basically beats up his own gang in order to become the new leader of the Dregs.


as Bruno from Ms.Marvel by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona

J-Hope is the one from the group who I can picture saying: “Friendship is not a zone, you idiot! Friendship is something real and good and anyone who doesn’t understand that needs a dictionary.” I would love to see J-Hope as Bruno, being Ms. Marvel’s bestie and confidante, both for school stuff and superhero stuff. I think he’d be great at this role and I also think, like Bruno, he ought to have a sweet romance on the side.

Also, as of the last volume I read, Bruno is off having adventures in Wakanda and you guys, I really want to see J-Hope in Wakanda, trying to steal something from Black Panther, okay?


as Victor from Want by Cindy Pon

I don’t actually remember if Victor’s ethnicity is discussed. I remember reading that no one actually knew where he was from and neither did he? If anyone knows for sure, let me know. And if it isn’t Korean, uh, I’ll find another character for RM.

Basically, Victor is supposed to have the kind of face that isn’t easy to forget *cough-RM-cough* and dresses like a model *cough-V-could-help-cough* and is often funny with his friends, but carries some darkness within him *cough-okay-that’s-all-people-though-cough*.

This whole post honestly began because I couldn’t un-see RM as Victor. Obviously, I can’t explain it. I just think he’d be perfect as the cocky dude who is also one of the best people you get to hang out with. Somebody please make this movie happen. I’m begging here.


as Colton from Timekeeper by Tara Sim

Okay, this random picture of Jimin does not do him justice. (Except it also does, because look how sweet.) There’s something about Jimin’s close-ups that make me feel like he … just can’t be real? I mean, one person can contain multitudes, etc, but how can his face be possible?! Which works for a character like Colton.

Anyway, this fancasting is largely informed by Jimin’s solo track “Serendipity“. The music video has a very blonde Jimin mostly in an indoor setting, often looking out into the world. It reminded me a lot of how Colton was stuck at his clocktower and hoping for a visit from someone outside. There’s also a moment when Jimin pricks his hand and that reminded me of Colton basically breaking his clocktower to coerce a certain timekeeper into a visiting him.

Also, the song is pretty sweet. I recommend. The book and the song.


as Raffaele from The Young Elites by Marie Lu

Maybe I’ve just seen too much Hwarang. V has a supporting role in this drama and he has the long hair I always imagined Raffaele to have. Throw on some Venetian robes and we’ve got Raffaele from my favourite fantasy trilogy of all time.

V seems like a playful dude, but he definitely gets some serious parts to play in BTS’ MVs. I’m think back especially to “I Need U“. Certainly Raffaele is more about subtle subterfuge, rather than straight-up stabbing someone, but V has that quiet (and sometimes loud) intensity about him that I can see working for the role. I’ve never need a 3-season Netflix show more.


as Daniel from The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

Daniel probably doesn’t care for Huckleberry Finn, so let’s pretend JK is holding a different book here. Possibly a book of poetry.

Jungkook, like all the members, gets to take on some pretty versatile roles in BTS’ MVs. Off-screen he’s funny and energetic and on-screen he tends to be more serious. Daniel is an easy mix of these personalities.

I also think Jungkook can pull off Daniel’s way of being deeply earnest about love. Like, any other character saying the things Daniel says would be cliché and ridiculous, but because it’s Daniel it feels genuine. I think Jungkook definitely has that same quality. At least, on-screen, which is all I need for the purpose of this post.

Okay, we’ve run out of members now, so that’s my post done. How would you fancast BTS in different YA books? Let me know in the comments!

And happy weekend. <3