Webcomic Loves: On “Rock And Riot” And “Flowerpot”

Hm, it seems like all of my good webcomic recommendations come from Lindsay/Me On Books*–including, but not limited to, the two webcomics I’d like to talk about today? Basically, if you aren’t already following her blog and/or her Twitter, you’re settling for second-hand recommendations from me.

*ahem* Speaking of recommendations, I better get started:

Rock And Riot

I’ve been wanting to talk about this webcomic for a while, but either I was behind or it was the completely wrong theme for me to introduce this story, so I’m glad everything aligned perfectly this month!

Rock and Riot is a webcomic that is set in the 1950’s and follows teenaged members from two opposing gangs, their lives, their romances, and their histories. It’s easy to follow, adorable, and funny, and oh DID I MENTION ADORABLE BECAUSE LOOK IT JUST SLAYS ME WITH HOW CUTE:

SOURCE: http://rockandriotcomic.com/post/131041804923

If there is a flaw, it is that racism is not really addressed in the comic–once, maybe, that I’ve noticed–which is not so odd for Flowerpot, but feels odd for this one since it’s the ’50s? I feel?

The comic chooses, instead, to focus on discrimination against queer people and this is one of its strengths: it definitely has many diverse romances and does not exclude people on the aromantic and asexual spectrum.

And! And! The first chapter of the webcomic has also been animated! BEHOLD! THE CUTEST CUTIES EVER!

But, okay, okay, say you want diverse romances but only as a subplot. Say you want something slow, but comparably adorable. Well, then …


SOURCE: http://flowerpot-comic.tumblr.com/post/136451132675/flowerpot-title-page-read-flowerpot-on-tapastic

Flowerpot is your best option:

“A story about a boy who grows dandelions from his head because of a mysterious disease, and all the problems that entails.”

Ten years ago, Ben was the first person to be infected by a strange disease that causes flowers to grow from his body every spring and summer. In a world where flowers have become frightening, Ben has come to accept that most people will want to keep their distance from his dandelions. However, when an enthusiastic photographer arrives out of the blue and asks Ben to be a part of his project, Ben begins to discover what being a “flowerpot” really means. — [X]

This is kind of a non-zombie version of the TV show In The Flesh. Except way more diverse, and way, way, happier. At least, for now.

And while we are only just witnessing the beginnings of a romance (or maybe more than one romance), the author has made it clear that canon queer couple/s is/are the endgame, so all we have to do is lie back and enjoy the ride.

SOURCE: http://flowerpot-comic.tumblr.com/post/136451429260/flowerpot-chapter-1-page-8-start-next

And it is a very pretty ride, isn’t it? The art is gorgeous, the characters are complex, flawed, and wonderful, and even though we know quite a bit about this world, there’s still tons we don’t know and so we just can’t stop ourselves from scrolling down. Definitely recommended!

So, depending on what kind of story/setting/romance you’re in the mood for, you have two sweet options.

Happy Friday, unicorns.

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