Presented with Pride : LGBTQ+ Books for Teens

The Vancouver Public Library recently updated their Presented with Pride for Teens brochure, which now includes annotations of over 25 LGTBQ+ books for young adults, including contemporary fiction, memoirs, short stories, nonfiction and graphic novels! You can find the book list in its entirety on the library’s website.

Here are just a few of the incredible titles covered in the brochure. How many have you read? Any favourites?


Striving for Equality: LGBTQ+ Athletes Claim the Field

LGBTQ+ athletes from across disciplines and from different decades are featured in this celebration of sports trailblazers and pioneers.


None of the Above

Written by a doctor who specializes in services for intersex individuals, None of the Above is the story of intersex teen Kirsten as she comes to terms with her new identity and works towards self-acceptance in the face of bullying, betrayal, confusion and self-doubt.


Goldie Vance

Goldie Vance is a teenage sleuth extraordinaire, and when a necklace goes missing, Goldie and her friends are on the case! This graphic novel series, with its diverse cast of delightful characters, is perfect for fans of Nancy Drew and Veronica Mars.


10 Things I Can See From Here

Maeve’s anxiety disorder has her worried all the time, and when her mother’s move to Haiti means she has to move to a new city with her father and step-family, her anxiety kicks into overdrive. But Vancouver isn’t all bad, and it might just hold the promise of something really special. A respectful, positive portrayal of mental illness combines with a lesbian love story in this Canadian novel.


SuperMutant Magic Academy

Witches, mutants, lizard-headed girls, cats who have to attend classes to fulfill prophesies, and boys who cannot die – you know, just the usual high school crowd. SuperMutant Magic Academy might not look like your average high school, but it’s filled with all the usual angst, especially for closeted Marsha, who’s secretly in love with Wendy (who just happens to have cat ears) in this collection based on a web comic.


At the Edge of the Universe

Not only has Ozzie’s boyfriend Tommy vanished – nobody else seem to remember he ever existed! Ozzie sets out on a mission to uncover the mystery behind Tommy’s disappearance, while also struggling with his feelings for the mysterious Calvin. Oh, and the universe is shrinking, and Ozzie’s the only one who knows about it. There’s that, too.

Be sure to check out the entire list for even more LGBTQ+ titles for young people!

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