At The Book Wars we appreciate books and the people who make them. We also appreciate the people who write about books and spread the word about good books. Some consider diverse a dirty word but I reckon that is more their conscience talking. Heh. You may have noticed the #DiverseBookBloggers hashtag on Twitter. The following people are some of my faves. Maybe they will be yours.

  1. WOC Reads
    Bina is a German WOC and brings an interesting perspective to the table. She, as do all the others on this list, reads excellent books.
  2. Nuzaifa at Word Contessa
    Nuzaifa writes passionately about the books that move her and, more importantly, the ones that don’t.
  3. Not Chai-Tea
    Manasa at Not Chai-Tea has the crispiest reviews I have read. And she reads books I have previously haven’t even heard of so win.
  4. Read Diverse Books
    If you haven’t heard of Naz, you are living under a rock. Do yourself a favour and get out from under that rock. While you are at it, go read what Naz has to say. *cheese*
  5. Paper Wanderer
    I adore Glaiza. She focuses mostly of SFF written by POC so if SFF is your jam, head over for some recs.
  6. The Shrinkette
    Janani is always reading the most wonderful things. I feel like I have gotten most of my South Asian written book recs from her.
  7. Biblio Nyaan
    I feel like Neha focuses more on Japanese literature but I could be wrong. Either ways, she’s good people and recs awesome books.