Top Ten Tuesday: Authors You'd Like to Meet

Top Ten Tuesday

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Authors I’d like to meet and probably make a fool of myself in front of, huh? Hmm. There are so many but here are my top five.

  1. Libba Bray. Because who doesn’t? I know Yash would join me in me squeeing and possibly Janet too.
  2. Sherman Alexie. I really really like The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. 
  3. Benjamin Alire Saenz. Three words: Aristotle and Dante.
  4. Kate Elliott. I’ve fangirled about her books enough times, all right? I need an autograph.
  5. Cat Hellisen. Because she’s the coolest.


We’re talking author events, right? Because I can’t actually picture hanging out with anyone famous!

  1. Sarah Rees Brennan: I mean, of course!
  2. Tanuja Desai Hidier: I imagine her author events would involve music and readings and general good times!
  3. Ellie Marney: I like chatting with her online and I even have an autographed book– it’d be so great to meet her IRL!
  4. Ellen Oh: *dreamy sigh* I imagine great conversations about Kira and also Korra!
  5. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: I … can’t even picture this. I’ll probably swoon. O_O


I presume this excludes authors who have died because, well, they’re dead?

  1. Megan Whalen Turner: she does occasionally say a few words over at Sounis, but if I met her in real life I’d probably embarrass myself with speechlessness. Or gushing. But. I mean, Gen. Of course I want to meet her anyway.
  2. Elizabeth Wein: She responded to my tweet and I definitely screenshot the page :p If she ever decided to lead a tour of Ethiopia, or alternately of semi-Arthurian ruins and castles (she does live in Scotland, so it’s possible, right?), I would be so in. Btw I just finished Black Dove White Raven and it is lovely.
  3. I have, technically, met Holly Black and Neil Gaiman and they were both very sweet (despite my inability to talk normally in their presence) and I would really really like to meet them again. Same is true of Rachel Hartman, especially if there is music involved.
  4. Also, I think Sherwood SmithRobin McKinleyPatricia C. Wrede, and Caroline Stevermer should get together to talk about books and world-building. *hint hint* Nafiza would join me if Merrie Haskell and Erin Bow were there, too. *nudge nudge* And Patrice Kindl, who wrote the immensely funny Keeping the Castle.
  5. Garth Nix: especially if there was the opportunity for cos-play. Who doesn’t want to dress like an Abhorsen?
  6. Charles van Sandwick was gracious and gentlemanly. I would like to watch him at work sometime. His books are works of art.
  7. Jacqueline Woodson: of course. And I get to hear her speak this Friday! *happy dance*
  8. William Jay Smith, who writes gentle and extraordinary poems.
  9. Clarissa Pinkola Estes and Terry Griggs to talk mythology, wordplay, and culture.
  10. Gene Luen Yang: because of comics! I would like to sit at a table and listen to him talk with Laurence Yep about writing, and being Chinese-American, and genre and mythology. Also on Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra and on creating worlds, and history.
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