The Big Bed by Bunmi Laditan, Thomas Knight (Illustrations)

Hardcover, 32 pages
Published February 6th 2018 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
Source: Raincoast Books

Chances are, if you are a parent or take care of children, this scenario will be familiar to you. While picturebooks are usually the domain of children (or we pretend they are, ahem), The Big Bed is going to be more popular with adults simply because of how funny it is. The kids you are reading the book to may amuse children but they will 100% for sure entertain you.

The book deals with the classic conundrum: who gets to sleep with Mommy at night? The little girl protagonist has one answer and it is not one her dad will appreciate. Luckily for him, she is the creative sort and has thought up a solution that will (hopefully) make all parties happy (if the dad is willing to put up with a slight bit of discomfort).

The book is written in a very tongue-in-cheek manner that will elicit giggles from you and the illustrations are simply gold. Tom Knight captures the wee protagonist’s extremely put out and weary expression’s so perfectly that she comes alive and you can almost hear her cross little voice addressing her father.

The Big Bed is entertaining, funny, and adorable. You can buy it for the kids but it will make a better gift for the parents–the poor beleaguered dad specifically.