January 2017: An Apocalyptic Month

First though:

The Book Wars wishes all its Readers a wonderful beginning to what we hope will be a good year. Considering the current conditions of the world right now, we feel good is as perky as we are going to get.

We are going to be doing our bit with reading and writing bout the books we read in the new year. We hope you will journey through the year with us.

Tl;dr? We love you. Please keep reading us.

Now, let’s move on to January!

So yeah, Apocalypse Month.

know we are being a little too on the nose considering what is happening with our neighbours (hint: Orange) but hear us out.

This month, though we are calling it Apocalypse Month, we are going to extend our horizons and talk about books that deal with characters who face life changing events and live to talk about it. Or something like that. Mostly.

We will also be talking about apocalyptic books in case you are wondering. At least I think some of us are. The usual features (The Cover Wars, Top Ten Tuesdays) will continue and we will also be reviewing recent releases and featuring authors if we can get them to agree to interviews and such.

There will be times when we won’t stick to the theme and that’s okay because we need to be flexible.

Anyways! Thanks for following us! I hope you will continue to do so.

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