The Swirling Hijaab by Na’ima B. Robert, Nilesh Mistry (Illustrator)

Paperback, 24 pages
Published by Mantra Records
Source: Library

I don’t suppose I need to say how important it is at this point in time to talk about Muslim books and people but I will anyway. Everything that is happening across the border is concerning and I don’t think I can overstate the importance of diverse books that do not vilify or Otherwise Muslims and other minorities.

The Swirling Hijaab is very much like a child playing with a box.


What I mean is that a little girl playing with her mother’s hijaab goes flying into imaginary adventures where her mother’s hijaab is the one constant even as it transforms from one thing to another. It becomes a fort to hide inside, a ship’s sails flapping in the air, a comforter, a bedouin tent and so much more. It imparts the comfort and security of a mother even when the mother is absent.

The edition I read was bilingual and told in Punjabi and English though I understand it is told in a variety of languages (Arabic and English among others). The illustrations are simple but homey and comforting. As someone whose mother does wear the hijaab this book was familiar and imparted a whole lot of love. For people who are not familiar with the hijaab reading this book may give them a different perspective of the practice.

I recommend it.