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Hello there! Here at Book Worms, we are dedicated to providing guides and materials suitable for toddlers and kids. We believe that literacy and education, in general, must start at an early age. Even if your child has not spoken his/her first word yet, reading him/her books can help encourage fast learning.

We carefully examine various children’s books and assess them according to content and relatability. Some can be fiction while others are drawn from life’s experiences. We offer unbiased ratings without disregarding the details.

In case you doubt our reviews and listings, note that we are using the full extent of our knowledge and expertise in literature. I have a master’s degree in Children’s Literature and also a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Arts. In fact, all of our staff and contributors here at Book Worms have at least a master’s degree in relation to literature or arts.

Aside from promoting basic reading materials, fantasy-rich novels, and the usual classics, we also tackle topics in relation to current social issues like racism and gender equality. We review books about them and suggest those that encourage positivity while being considerate of the age group.

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