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With social media and streaming platforms becoming more popular and useful with each passing day, it’s a no-brainer that authors want to leverage them for the promotions of their respective works.
One particular way to advertise is through conducting an online reading of at least a chapter or a few pages of their works. Here are Canadian children’s book writers and their upcoming activities on certain platforms to promote their materials.
Alice Aspinall
Alice is a math teacher in high school. She posted on her Facebook page about the readings of her book, ‘Everyone Can Learn Math’ which is illustrated by …

Have you noticed that there are certain books you liked a lot and only found that they have the same author? Such preference is only normal since you may find a writing style of a certain author to be appealing or the method of storytelling as easy-going. Not to mention, the book’s content can be very relatable to your current or past situation.
Authors of such appealing books are popular with parents. In Canada, there are a few children’s book authors who are well-loved and their works are well-known. Here are some of them:
Robert Munsch
There is no Canadian parent that is not familiar with the works of …

Celebrities may appear larger than life because of their personality on TV, magazines, and social media. However, some do have talents in literature, and they are utilizing them well in order to create amazing children’s books. Here are some of the best children’s books done by North American celebrities:
Today I Feel Silly & Other Moods that Make My Day by Jamie Lee Curtis
The star of ‘True Lies’ authored this book about teaching kids how to deal with a wide array of emotions.
Everything is Mama by Jimmy Fallon
One of the popular late-night talk show hosts wrote his first book for his own kids. …