Have you noticed that there are certain books you liked a lot and only found that they have the same author? Such preference is only normal since you may find a writing style of a certain author to be appealing or the method of storytelling as easy-going. Not to mention, the book’s content can be very relatable to your current or past situation.

Authors of such appealing books are popular with parents. In Canada, there are a few children’s book authors who are well-loved and their works are well-known. Here are some of them:

Robert Munsch

There is no Canadian parent that is not familiar with the works of Robert Munsch. As a beloved writer, he authored books such as ‘Love You Forever’ and ‘The Sandcastle Contest’ which are both very familiar in school libraries.

Robert Munsch loves to go on tour across North America wherein he visits classrooms and conducts public readings. He also earned a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame and is an Order of Canada member.

Marie-Louise Gay

This talented author is known for her beautiful books and sweet characters. Her most popular works are ‘Stella’ and ‘Sam’. Marie-Louise Gay has authored more than 30 books and her extensive work in providing the best children’s books in Canada earned her countless accolades.

Some of them are the ‘Governor General’s Award’ for English Language Children’s Illustration, the ‘Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award’ and the ‘Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustrator’s Award’.

Kenneth Oppel

Kenneth Oppel is a native of British Columbia. His most notable contributions include the Matt Cruse series ‘Airborn’. He started his writing career while still being a high school student in Victoria. After putting on more than 20 titles to his name later on in which the genre is focused on children’s and young adult’s fiction, he received multiple awards including the ‘Governor General’s Literary Award’.

Duncan Thornton

Duncan Thorton’s ‘Kalifax’, his first novel, earned him a nomination for the ‘Governor General’s Award for Children’s Literature’ in 2000. With such talent, he went on to release more sci-fi, futuristic novels including ‘Shadow Town’ and the ‘Vastlands’ series.

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