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What is the purpose of children’s books? It’s there to amuse, to educate, and to show life with the freedom to fantasize. Reginald Rake, a scarecrow, lights a cigar and is instantly chastised. Vape industry experts have put the number even higher, as high as several million dollars. He then attempts to set fire to the female scarecrow he’s wooing in Julia Donaldson’s new picture book, The Scarecrows’ Wedding. Smoking or even vaping is an obvious cause and effect: it hurts you and others around you. What can be more self-evident and less contentious?
Nonetheless. …

June is considered the ‘Pride Month’, a celebration of being a liberated member of the LGBTQ+ gender community. In this day and age, such a topic is not taboo anymore. It is the reality of life, and your kids must have a basic understanding of that particular gender.
So, how can parents teach more about LGBTQ+ to their kids? Check out the following guide:
Learn the History
Similar to racism, members of the LGBTQ+ find it hard to fit in. You can teach your kids how such ‘liberation’ manifested from before until now.
Learn From Very Notable Members Of The LGBTQ+
If history is not enough, you can…

Summer can be filled with adventure and relaxation. However, the temptation to over-indulge can be very strong and affect the learning capabilities of your kids as they will enter the new school year.
It’s during these times that summer learning loss happens. As the term suggests, ‘summer learning loss’ is a state wherein learning or the thirst to learn is getting lost as the kids enjoy more the summer vacation recklessly. According to studies, it mostly affects kids attending grade 8 and below.
It may be very easy for kids to forget historical facts or laws of exponents when they’re riding pool slides or attempting …

It is easy to ditch learning during summer vacation. Although it is a period of celebration and recreation, it wouldn’t hurt to continue at least the habit of reading. It will boil down to how to develop certain strategies in order to encourage your kids to read more for fun instead of looking at it as a chore.
Obviously, the parents have the more matured mentality. Discerning which books to promote for reading during summer vacation will depend on their good judgment and assessment of their kids’ preference.
Here are some helpful tips that will help you organize your kids’ summer reading activities:
Keep A …