It is easy to ditch learning during summer vacation. Although it is a period of celebration and recreation, it wouldn’t hurt to continue at least the habit of reading. It will boil down to how to develop certain strategies in order to encourage your kids to read more for fun instead of looking at it as a chore.

Obviously, the parents have the more matured mentality. Discerning which books to promote for reading during summer vacation will depend on their good judgment and assessment of their kids’ preference.

Here are some helpful tips that will help you organize your kids’ summer reading activities:

Keep A Reading Log

You can utilize tracking tools such as ‘ReadWriteThink’ in order to organize the reading order of your kids. Sometimes, it is better to meddle on what they are reading by offering them books that suit their mindset at that time and proceed to go higher accordingly.

Offer a Book From the Summer Reading List

Not enough time to decide which books are to be offered? Don’t worry for the list below can help you. Here are some of the best suggestions you can follow for now.

  • Unicorn Coloring Book – coloring book suitable for ages 4 to 10
  • I Turned Into A Zombie – zombie-theme picture book
  • Let’s Go For a Run – interactive book
  • Pork Buns and High-Fives – inspiring story
  • Sometimes a Shoe is a Shoe – rhyming story
  • A Is For Alligator – educational art book
  • I Want to Dance like a Koala Bear – child-friendly, dance-encouraging book

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