With social media and streaming platforms becoming more popular and useful with each passing day, it’s a no-brainer that authors want to leverage them for the promotions of their respective works.

One particular way to advertise is through conducting an online reading of at least a chapter or a few pages of their works. Here are Canadian children’s book writers and their upcoming activities on certain platforms to promote their materials.

Alice Aspinall

Alice is a math teacher in high school. She posted on her Facebook page about the readings of her book, ‘Everyone Can Learn Math’ which is illustrated by Alexandria Masse.

Ernest Cadorin

Ernest, aside from being a writer, is also a teacher of the Zen martial arts. He has a series of stories compiled in a book called ‘The Arrows of Zen’. One of the stories entitled ‘The Test’ has a video reading posted on his YouTube channel.

Vanessa Canevaro

Vanessa posted a video about her reading of her book entitled ‘I Want a Dragon’ on her Facebook page. It is about a certain privileged girl who yearns for a dragon.

Aidan Cassie

Aidan is the author of the picture book entitled ‘Sterling, Best Dog Ever’. She posted a video in her YouTube channel of the reading she has done.

Anita Daher

Anita is responsible for creating ‘Forgetting How to Breathe’. It is a story of Tia, a 13-year-old girl, trying to overcome homesickness and becoming independent. A reading done by Anita will be uploaded on her YouTube channel, one chapter at a time.

Barbara Derrick

Barbara will host a live reading on her book called ‘Walking in Your Power’ on her YouTube channel. It is about Muskwa, an old woman, and her profound wisdom.

Zetta Elliott

Zetta is a poet and a teacher who wrote the mythical adventure novel ‘Dragons in a Bag’ and uploaded a reading on YouTube.

Dylan Glynn

Dylan’s picture book entitled ‘Rain Boy’ is about a kid who is constantly misunderstood except for Sun Kidd. A video reading is posted on Dylan’s YouTube channel.

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