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Any avid reader would agree that the feeling of having a book on the go is unmatched. You always want to discover the “next exceptional book” that beats the last. Sometimes you get lucky and find your dream books. Other times- you aren’t so lucky.
One surefire way to discover new authors is through the best book subscription boxes. With a reliable subscription box, you can explore the best authors one book at a time.
Now that leaves us with one question: how can you find the best book subscription boxes…

What is the purpose of children’s books? It’s there to amuse, to educate, and to show life with the freedom to fantasize. Reginald Rake, a scarecrow, lights a cigar and is instantly chastised. Vape industry experts have put the number even higher, as high as several million dollars. He then attempts to set fire to the female scarecrow he’s wooing in Julia Donaldson’s new picture book, The Scarecrows’ Wedding. Smoking or even vaping is an obvious cause and effect: it hurts you and others around you. What can be more self-evident and less contentious?
Nonetheless. …

June is considered the ‘Pride Month’, a celebration of being a liberated member of the LGBTQ+ gender community. In this day and age, such a topic is not taboo anymore. It is the reality of life, and your kids must have a basic understanding of that particular gender.
So, how can parents teach more about LGBTQ+ to their kids? Check out the following guide:
Learn the History
Similar to racism, members of the LGBTQ+ find it hard to fit in. You can teach your kids how such ‘liberation’ manifested from before until now.
Learn From Very Notable Members Of The LGBTQ+
If history is not enough, you can…

Summer can be filled with adventure and relaxation. However, the temptation to over-indulge can be very strong and affect the learning capabilities of your kids as they will enter the new school year.
It’s during these times that summer learning loss happens. As the term suggests, ‘summer learning loss’ is a state wherein learning or the thirst to learn is getting lost as the kids enjoy more the summer vacation recklessly. According to studies, it mostly affects kids attending grade 8 and below.
It may be very easy for kids to forget historical facts or laws of exponents when they’re riding pool slides or attempting …

It is easy to ditch learning during summer vacation. Although it is a period of celebration and recreation, it wouldn’t hurt to continue at least the habit of reading. It will boil down to how to develop certain strategies in order to encourage your kids to read more for fun instead of looking at it as a chore.
Obviously, the parents have the more matured mentality. Discerning which books to promote for reading during summer vacation will depend on their good judgment and assessment of their kids’ preference.
Here are some helpful tips that will help you organize your kids’ summer reading activities:
Keep A …

With social media and streaming platforms becoming more popular and useful with each passing day, it’s a no-brainer that authors want to leverage them for the promotions of their respective works.
One particular way to advertise is through conducting an online reading of at least a chapter or a few pages of their works. Here are Canadian children’s book writers and their upcoming activities on certain platforms to promote their materials.
Alice Aspinall
Alice is a math teacher in high school. She posted on her Facebook page about the readings of her book, ‘Everyone Can Learn Math’ which is illustrated by …

The preschooler age group is a bit tricky. At this point, awareness has only been more fueled by the kids’ new ability for speech. They can now express their thoughts through words and any learning can be easily absorbed. If you are looking for the best books for that age group, check out some of them here.
Stella, Star of the Sea by Marie-Louise Gay
As one of the most recommended books, this is about the story of Stella and her eagerness to swim the sea. Like the rest of the books on the list, it is filled with simple metaphors and analogies to the lessons in life.
This is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen
A tiny…

If there is a list that serves as a benchmark, it is this – the 100 best children’s book ever. This list contains both fiction and non-fiction books that are written not only for children’s entertainment but also for enhancing their perception of life and society.
Note that the children here comprise individuals below 13 years old. For simplicity, instead of providing a full list, we will be pointing out some of the most popular books only which are as follows:
The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
Already made into a Disney classic, The Jungle Book is a story of a young boy named Mowgli and his jungle adventures …

Have you noticed that there are certain books you liked a lot and only found that they have the same author? Such preference is only normal since you may find a writing style of a certain author to be appealing or the method of storytelling as easy-going. Not to mention, the book’s content can be very relatable to your current or past situation.
Authors of such appealing books are popular with parents. In Canada, there are a few children’s book authors who are well-loved and their works are well-known. Here are some of them:
Robert Munsch
There is no Canadian parent that is not familiar with the works of …

The big kids’ age group is where novels start to become relevant. For kids age 10 to 13 years old, concepts about good and evil, or right and wrong, will now be told on a level where morality is gaining concrete establishment and the need for empathy is still growing.
In the list below, some books need the supervision of an adult in order to explain the grey side of things and to address curiosities in a way that doesn’t compromise the kid’s innocent perspectives.
One great way to learn the important lessons in life earlier is through reading and understanding a novel, and here are …