June is considered the ‘Pride Month’, a celebration of being a liberated member of the LGBTQ+ gender community. In this day and age, such a topic is not taboo anymore. It is the reality of life, and your kids must have a basic understanding of that particular gender.

So, how can parents teach more about LGBTQ+ to their kids? Check out the following guide:

Learn the History

Similar to racism, members of the LGBTQ+ find it hard to fit in. You can teach your kids how such ‘liberation’ manifested from before until now.

Learn From Very Notable Members Of The LGBTQ+

If history is not enough, you can try exploring books or films that depict very notable members of LGBTQ+ and their significant contributions. Here are the following:

  • James Baldwin, an American author
  • Alan Turing, a World War 2 hero
  • Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, probably the first to ‘come out’ publicly as an LGBTQ+ member
  • Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, leaders of 70s movement for gay liberation.

Learn Through Other Reading Materials

If history and autobiographies are a bit much to read, maybe other reading materials can be beneficial. Here are some of the suggested books about the Pride movement while remaining being kid-friendly.

  • Odd Voices: An Anthology of Not So Normal Narrators
  • Love_Is_Love: An Anthology for LGBTQIA+ Teens
  • LGBTQIA+ For Kids: A Coloring and Activity Book
  • DESTINY With My Two Mommies Who Love Me!!
  • Cakemates Paperback

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